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Materials available for our boat covers

Both materials are extremely strong and hardwearing. If you are looking for a lightweight breathable cover then the acrylic should be your material of choice. We also recommend this for use in hot climates, as it has an higher UV resistance. Also it would be better suited for large covers as it is lighter to handle and easier to stow. It is however the most expensive material.

PVC is the less expensive material and is preferable in certain conditions. It is easier to clean and so would be suitable in dirty conditions for example on a boat used primarily for fishing.

High Quality Polyurethane Coated Acrylic

Designed for the most demanding marine applications

Colours: Navy, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Burgundy, Mid Red, Bright Red, Dark Green, Emerald Green, Grey, Silver grey

Nylon Reinforced PVC

Colours: Blue, Dark Red, Bright Red, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Black and White.

Care instructions: Clean periodically with mild soap solution and soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid rolling or folding for storage while wet.